Cosmetic Dentistry

The Department of Cosmetic Dentistry focuses on details such as the structure of the lips, the length of the teeth, the level of the gums, color and alignment to obtain a perfect and natural smile. Alpha Dental Hospital has 4 dentists specialized in cosmetic dentistry with more than 10 years of experience in this field.

What are the areas of cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is not limited to Hollywood smile, zirconium crowns, or veneers. It is also possible to get a very beautiful smile through a cosmetic filling, or through laser teeth whitening, or sometimes even just adjusting and cutting the gums to get a more beautiful smile.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening, which is the use of a laser to remove the pigmentation and discolorations that the tooth absorbs from the remnants of food and drinks.

Advantages of laser whitening

Whitens teeth without having to sculpt the teeth at all
It has absolutely no side effects
– It can be done once every two years and the whitening effect changes according to the nature of the patient’s age and according to his use of colorants, acidic drinks, tea and coffee
Very low cost for Hollywood Smile

Teeth whitening (office) at the doctor:

It is very important to get rid of cavities in the teeth before starting the laser whitening process. The average whitening session is between 30-45 minutes and varies in some cases, as some patients need a second session after 5 days to get More white and bright color.

Home teeth whitening:

Home whitening is also preferable after the doctor’s supervision for the first time, and a mouthpiece is used for the patient that is designed after taking measurements. The process of home whitening takes between 5-7 days.

cosmetic fillings

Cosmetic fillings are one of the fastest ways to modify and close small gaps or repair small fractures in the teeth. It is possible to obtain a very beautiful smile only by closing some of the spaces between the teeth, making the front years longer, or adjusting the length of some front teeth.