Hollywood Smile

It is a treatment and improvement of the shape and color of the teeth to obtain a natural, harmonious, beautiful and bright smile

Hollywood smile is a broad concept. Each patient has his own way to get a Hollywood smile or to get a more beautiful smile, either through zirconium veneers or laminated lenses, or sometimes even through cosmetic fillings or laser teeth whitening.

Any suitable method for the patient is determined after the examination by the specialist doctor, either by booking an appointment for the free initial examination at Alfa Hospital or by sending panoramic x-rays with normal dental images.

– Problems with the color of the teeth are solved by installing luminescent lenses – without sculpting the teeth at all.
Dental space problems. Dental implants or a bridge are made according to the patient’s condition
– Problems with the shape and color of the teeth are solved either by orthodontics and then by luminescent lenses, or by sculpting the teeth and installing zirconium crowns

Hollywood Smile

Digital smile design

The digital smile is designed in Alfa Hospital with the latest devices available with a 3D Shape device. Measurements are taken digitally without the need for paste at all, which causes a problem for some patients .

Measurements are taken within 25 seconds and the patient’s teeth are present in 3D on the computer. A picture of the patient is also photographed in our private studio and linked with the measurements that were taken and then the design stage comes .

The doctor asks the patient about the smile that he imagines and starts drawing it, you will be able to see The result Before even starting, you will see how your smile will look like the shape of the teeth, their color and transparency, and everything you want to know about the shape of your new, bright, natural smile.

Why you should choose Alfa hospital to have Hollywood Smile

– Professional medical staff that makes Hollywood smiles for more than 30 patients every month
More than 10 years of experience in the field of cosmetic dentistry
– We deal with the largest German laboratory in Turkey, IVOCLAR
We offer a 15-year warranty on your Hollywood smile
– Electronic smile design, that is, without paste at all, and with the ability to see the result before starting
– In 3 days get your beautiful smile

The difference between zirconium, Emax and laminar lenses:


Zirconium veneers

It is characterized by its high transparency and aesthetics for porcelain coverings
Zirconium is one of the best materials that do not cause any allergic reactions to the body
In terms of hardness, it is one of the best resistant materials
– Zirconium is the number one in Hollywood smile due to its aesthetics, hardness and low cost in relation to luminescent lenses.
– The tooth is carved from 0.13 to 0.18 mm to install the zirconia crowns
In cases of crooked teeth, zirconia is one of the best options for a bright and natural smile

EMAX – Lumineer lenses

– The latest technology that has been reached in dental crowns, which does not require the dentist to sculpt teeth at all
– Laminate and Emax are preferred for their very high transparency, which gives them a natural color and transparency
Never sculpt with luminescent lenses because of their very thin thickness
– The E-Max is in the form of a complete cover for the teeth and the tooth is rubbed very little 0.3 mm and the tooth is completely covered
– Soft lenses are in the form of a lens that covers the tooth from the front face only, without any sculpting of the tooth at all