İmplant Tedavisi

Dental Implants

When losing teeth, we not only lose our teeth, but tooth loss leads to many problems.
Increased risk of losing other teeth
Side teeth tilt
Jaw bone melting and loss
Not being able to chew enough
The digestive problems it causes are just a few examples

The appearance of the missing teeth itself is a major problem. Dissatisfaction with oneself arises from factors such as the collapse of the cheeks, the deterioration of the smile, and this can lead to the deterioration of social relations.

After dental implants, chewing functions are done to the fullest, and the patient can eat whatever he wants. With sufficient chewing, malnutrition and poor digestion will disappear. With cosmetic dentistry, a person enjoys a high-quality lifestyle with the self-confidence that comes with aesthetic appearance and healthy teeth.

What are dental implants?

It is a screw made of titanium that is placed in the jawbone through a surgical operation with a dentist.
The implantation process takes place within a maximum of 10 minutes per implant, and the implantation and waiting period is usually 3 months until the bone holds the implant well so that the crown (tooth) is installed on it

This period varies as it can be only 7 days with immediate implant cases, while it can also extend to 6 months in bone implant cases.
The transplant process is done without any pain during the operation or after the operation, the patient is given a pain reliever after the transplant, and we note that most patients have never used it because they did not feel any pain

Dental implant prices:

For the implants used, first class German, Swiss and Turkish
ICX Company , Astra , Straumann Medentika , Bego , Nuecloss
Of course, they all come with a lifetime guarantee
As for the prices, they vary from 350 to 750 euros, depending on the implant used
Turkish implant Euro 350 (Nuecloss)
German implant Euro 500 (Medentika (Straumann group))
Swiss implant Euro 750 (Straumann)

The appropriate implant is selected for the patient according to the patient’s condition after presenting the x-ray image to the doctor and immediately after the operation, you will be given a lifetime warranty card

Dental implant success factors:

The implant used: At Alfa Hospital, we use the best implants used globally and we have a wide range and various options according to the patient. The implants we use are always within the first quality and with a lifetime guarantee.
Doctor’s Experience: The best integrated team of 9 specialized dentists, 3 of them are a surgeon, headed by the chief physician in the hospital, Dr. Ismail Gulch, with more than 15 years of experience in the field of jaw surgery and dental implants.
Sterilization: All transplant operations in Alfa Hospital are carried out in a fully sterilized first class operating room, so there is no room for any microbes or bacteria to cause any problems in the wound

To whom can dental implants be applied?

Dental implants are possible for everyone over the age of 18. It can be implanted for patients with diabetes and pressure, and for patients who have weakness and problems in the bone, and each patient has a special treatment method that is determined after the doctor’s examination of the patient and careful examination.