Hygiene in the field of health is one of the most important rules and an indispensable condition, important to protect patients and medical staff and the reliability of the institution.
Unfortunately, since some institutions do not adhere to some hygiene rules, it is noticed that patients undergoing examination and operation there get sick with various infections. This is of course a very serious and very important issue that needs attention.
As it is known, bacteria, pathogens and viruses that we cannot see with our eyes, that is, all harmful microorganisms, can easily reproduce in any area that has not been completely sterilized. It is very easy for these bacteria or various microorganisms to multiply especially in dental hospitals or centers that Surgical operations are performed.
We can say that the reason for this is the presence of media such as blood and tissues that are loved by microorganisms, which are medical waste. Inadequate sterilization can result in the transmission of many diseases from one patient to another.

What is sterilization?
Sterilization is a more different concept than regular cleaning and hygiene.
In normal cleaning practices, the goal is to get rid of some waste and microorganisms in the environment, while this situation is increased to higher levels in the sterilization process to get rid of all microorganisms that are not visible to the naked eye.
The purpose of sterilization is to purify the sterile environment or material from all microbes and microorganisms. Sterilization operations that are not carried out in this way and are not taken seriously are not sufficient.

Sterilizasyon malzemeleri ve yöntemleri diğer temizlik ve hijyen yöntemlerinden daha da farklıdır. Alınan sterilizasyon malzemeleri tam ve eksiksiz kullanılmalı, hastalar ile temas edecek olan bütün araç ve gereçlerin sterilizasyon işleminden geçtiğine emin olunmalıdır. Unutulan ya da steril edilmeyen bir cihaz ile başka hastaya müdahale edilmesi hem hasta için hem de çalışan yetkili kurum için istenmeyen durumlar ortaya çıkarabilmektedir. Bu yüzden sterilizasyon işlemleri düzenli olarak yetkili ve bu konuda bilgili olan bir kişi tarından yapılmalı ve düzenli olarak da kontrolünün sağlanmasına dikkat edilmelidir. Bunun için de kurum içinde bunun eğitimini almış kişiler yetkilendirilebilir ya da sterilizasyon için gerek duyulduğunda yardım alınmalıdır.

Sterilization in Alfa Hospital:

The entire hospital is cleaned and sterilized 3 times a day with specialized machines to ventilate the entire hospital and sterilization around the clock

While all tools used in surgical operations or in regular dental operations are sterilized, they are sterilized in 3 stages in a specialized sterilization room with 3 workers and 3 machines.

The initial sterilization is first done by washing and cleaning the tools in a dedicated machine.

After that, sterilization is carried out through chemicals, cleaning again, packaging and preparation for the basic stage, which is sterilization in a device with a temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius.

All tools remain in this machine for about two hours to kill and erase all microbes, bacteria and viruses.
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