Treatment Under General Anesthesia-Resting room  after operations

Observation rooms and anesthesiologist and resuscitation specialist, nurse and anesthesia technician are located in our operating room. At Alfa Hospital, the entire treatment is done under general anesthesia

Conscious sedation is a form of pain management widely used in many medical fields around the world. It has no known side effects. In this effective and reliable method, which can be applied to people of all ages, with conscious sedation the fear and stress experienced by the patient in dental treatment will be replaced by pleasant and beautiful feelings.

After the operation, due to the effect of the medication, the patient will not remember anything about the treatment or about the sounds or scenes of the treatment. This will make it easier for the patient to come for dental treatment in subsequent sessions.

It is possible to perform many dental treatments in a single session (such as extractions, implants , fillings). The first rule of minimizing complications depends on the detailed pre-op (pre-operative) Anesthesia Examination of the patient.

With the recent developments in the vital signs of all patients in medicine, the side effects of the drugs used in anesthesia are very few and they are quickly eliminated from the body.

In addition, with the current medical technology, it can be followed with both anesthesia devices and patient monitoring. For these reasons, complications related to anesthesia (general or sedation) are extremely rare.

It is the most important rule that must be followed for patients to be fasting for at least 8 hours (such as fasting) in order to avoid anesthesia complications.