Immediate Full Fental Implants In One Day

Full dental implants in one day, is one of the new terms that Alpha Dental Hospital succeeded in publishing widely and applying it with a very high success rate

Where the appropriate number of implants for the upper jaw and lower jaw are implanted after tooth extraction that is no longer suitable for use and implantation is placed in one operation, either under general anesthesia or under local anesthesia

In one day in our operating room, the entire surgical work is completed with the best team of surgeons specializing in dental implants and with the best trained staff with experience in this field of operations

On the second day after the operation, measurements are taken and the final fixed or permanent temporary teeth are installed, according to the patient’s condition and according to the existing bone structure

You will be contacted by our specialized team and the x-rays will be shown to our team of doctors to determine the number and type of implants used and to determine the type of teeth that will be installed either in the first stage or the second stage