Who we are

Over 19 Years of Experience in Dental Diseases and Treatments

After the professional and technical experience acquired since 2003, on June 1, 2013 with the participation of ex-Minister Professor Hüseyin ÇELİK, our hospital was opened under the name "ADC ALFA Center

ALFA Oral and Dental Health Center

ALFA Dental Health Hospital, is the first private oral health hospital built in accordance with international standards and accreditation rules (Joint Commission International). Thanks to its medical and architectural infrastructure, it is engaged in medical tourism practices in line with its vision (To expect the total satisfaction of our patients by following a multidisciplinary dental approach based on the latest technologies in dentistry).

In our center, which was established

The Alfa Dental Hospital was built on an area of ​​800 square meters which is divided into 9 dental units, including 2 for diagnosis, a class A operating room (internationally validated for the first time in the field of oral health Dental in Turkey), where treatments are carried out according to international standards, plus an imaging room (3D tomography and panoramic X-ray), sterilization unit, observation room, meeting and training room.

Our team

Our medical framework is multidisciplinary in dental surgery, such as implantology, oral and maxillofacial surgery, dental aesthetics, orthodontics, prosthetics, periodontology, pedodontics and endodontics, in addition to that doctors specializing in anesthesiology and resuscitation are part of our medical framework.

Our paramedical staff is made up of anesthetist technicians, nurses, and 20 technical staff and assistants.

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Our Values


  • Contributing to the development of oral and dental health practices through education and research studies
  • Providing the best diagnosis and treatment of oral and dental diseases by using all the possibilities of modern dentistry
  • Providing quality oral and dental care to our patients without sacrificing ethical principles, respecting patient rights
  • By providing continuous development opportunities to all its employees, it also trains dentists who are experts in their field
  • Providing a humanistic working environment, which takes care of environmental health and prioritizes preventive health services
  • To be the leading Oral and Dental Health Application and Research Center at national and international level.


Our Mission; To be an institutional structure that improves the oral and dental health of the society by focusing on quality service, patient safety and research, adheres to social service awareness, humanistic and ethical principles, applies scientific knowledge and research results, meets patient needs and expectations, and ensures that competent dentists are brought into society.


hospitality and personal touch as our internal culture.


of patients it is among our top priorities.


open to development and technological change.


of fairness in relation of treatment quality and cost.


Our Quality Policy

  • At Alfa Dental Centre, It is our quality policy to be an exemplary Oral and Dental Health Application and Research Center in the field with its perspective on health services, the way it is provided and continuous quality improvement activities.
  • We adopt the principle of delivering quality service, to the highest standards. Using modern and valid methods, the latest technologies, modern information and management systems. 
  • Creating a peaceful working environment is a priority for us. We emphasize mutual trust and respect among our employees, fostering effective communication and understanding. 
  • Our commitment to quality extends to the development and training of our teams. Our employees benefit from a continuous training program that allows them to update and strengthen their knowledge. This ensures that our teams are equipped with the latest skills and expertise in providing exceptional care.
  • At Alfa Dental, we are dedicated to a process of continuous quality improvement to provide our patients with comfort, quality, and safety throughout their stay. We highly value the feedback and satisfaction of our patients, which we continuously collect and analyze through questionnaires.
  • Furthermore, we are committed to ensuring respect and protection of the environment in all aspects of our operations. By upholding these values, we aim to provide exceptional dental care while maintaining a sustainable approach to our practice.

Our principles

  • patients are at the heart of our concerns we work so they will get high quality care.
  • At Alfa Center Dental, our patients receive the most accurate diagnosis and treatment in a hygienic environment. Our patients feel comfortable and friendly and receive professional service.
  • 100% patient satisfaction is our top priority. We plan and implement our treatment based on that.
  • Our priority is to follow the routine checkup of our patients which ensures their oral health.
  • Our patients are informed in detail about all diagnoses and treatments. Each patient is allocated the time necessary for their treatment.
  • Our employees are our biggest investment and we always strive to find the perfect compromise between their professional life and their private life. We are constantly working to ensure that they receive professional training and that they are happy and motivated at work.
  • Providing a natural look, with colors and shapes very similar to natural teeth is paramount to us. You can see this approach in everything we do, from dentures, crowns and even dental fillings.
  •  Each treatment at Alfa Dental is carried out by professional and expert doctors, using state-of-the-art devices, with high quality materials.

Our Achievements


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