Your health matters to us

Alfa Hospital for Oral and Dental Health since 2013 and still provides its services under international and advanced standards

Alfa Hospital is located in the center of Istanbul, close to the most important city centers and 25 minutes away from Istanbul International Airport. It is in a strategic location, easy to transport, close to all patients.

Alfa Center is designed according to international standards and covers an area of ​​800 square meters

It contains 9 clinics, two of which are a general clinic, and an operating room

Alpha Dental Hospital is the first of its kind in Turkey and the only one with a fully sterile Class A (A) first operating room

Three-dimensional tomography rooms, sterilization rooms, operation viewing room, rest room after operations, meeting hall, and a place for children

In Alfa Hospital, there are doctors specializing in oral surgery, doctors specializing in children, and doctors specializing in dental esthetics.

Alfa Center doctors are specialized in their fields, with over 15 years of experience

At Alfa Hospital, you can safely and comfortably treat your teeth and mouth

Alfa Hospital is equipped according to international standards and the first in Turkey to provide services to foreign patients with high quality and with a lifetime guarantee

Alpha Hospital for Oral and Dental Health wishes you all a bright smile

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طاقم الاطباء المحترف

What Our Patients Say

  • Client Image

    With its friendly staff and well-organized building, it has always been successful in terms of its various treatment and application results.Detail

    • Ugur ER
    • Dental Patient
  • Client Image

    All the employees from A to Z are smiling and with their expert physicians in the field, all kinds of questions that reduce the anxiety of suffering while going to the dentist ...Detail

    • Ismail Unal
    • Neuro Patient
  • Client Image

    It is very nice for me that İsmail Bey has been positive and warm-blooded since the first day I came here. Mr. Ismail, always devotedly ...Detail

    • Hasan Balli
    • Gyne Patient
  • Client Image

    Hello there. I put my teeth on Dr. I got it done by İsmail Güleç. The slightest problem with my wonderful teeth as a doctor and also as a person ...Detail

    • Asli Parlak
    • Cardiac Patient
  • Client Image

    In addition to the positive and warm-blooded approach of all the doctors and staff in the Alfa Dental center, the service they provided was also very good. I was very pleased ...Detail

    • Esra Gur