Hollywood Smile

Everyone dreams of having perfectly aligned teeth with splendid whiteness. Today the design of smiles is one of the most common aesthetic concerns, because a smile with imperfections can reduce self-confidence and be a hindrance to social relationships.

The ”Hollywood Smile” is a set of aesthetic and restorative treatments carried out painlessly to obtain aligned, white teeth and to eliminate symmetry disorders in the teeth. The Hollywood smile takes its name from the smile of the stars of ‘Hollywood. In the smile design, which is designed to have a very aesthetic and beautiful smile, the harmony between the lips, teeth and gums is also studied.

Before we begin the process of the ”Hollywood Smile” treatment There are stages to go through, the patient must be examined in detail in order to detect existing problems and if there are any problems such as dental caries or gum disease, it is also possible Sometimes, to have a problem of missing tooth, and in such case the implantation process comes into play.Although the Hollywood Smile procedure has standards to be respected for smile design, but in some cases the standards may not match with patient needs.

The Hollywood smile offers a beneficial result at the end of the application. The patient’s smile photos before and after conception are completely different.

  • The patient after the application can be accelerated as follows:
  • Elimination of tooth discoloration and a more natural appearance is achieved.
  • Teeth sizes will be corrected.
  • Deformities are corrected with proper alignment of the teeth.
  • Oral appearance improves as cavities and fillings that cause visual problems are treated.
  • Gum color returns to normal.
  • Eliminated teeth grinding ‘’bruxism’’ and compression problems.

The design of the Hollywood smile can be made with different materials the choice will be made according to the state of the patient’s teeth and according to his budget

Emax veneers

Emax veneers are very thin, they are made to measure, and they are slightly translucent, the lifespan of Emax veneers ranging from 10 to 15 years. In addition to correcting the color of the teeth, they make it possible to hide an overlap, a broken tooth, a space between two teeth or even a tooth that is too short. Offering a superb aesthetic result. Emax veneers require light cutting so as not to interfere with the position of the lips and the occlusion of the jaws.

Lumineers facets

Lumineers is an American brand Popular in dental veneers, Lumineers veneers have long been chosen to correct the smile of Hollywood stars, but Lumineers veneers do not refer to a natural smile. Therefore, they have been little used in recent years.

zirconium Crowns

zirconium is a durable and indestructible crystalline form. This material has great strength and durability, one of its applications is for patients who grind their teeth. Zircon is a tough material, and Zirconia dental crowns are an option for those who are allergic to the metal, so Zirconia Dental Crowns are considered an ideal solution.

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