Amalgam filling

is formed by the combination of mercury and one or more elements (silver, copper, tin, etc.). It is a matter used to replace the missing part of the tooth.

Although it has advantages such as ease of quick application and durability, also has negative characteristics, like silvery color which gives bad appearance and causes discoloration of tooth structure and loss of tooth tissue Since they do not establish a chemical connection with the tooth.

  • Mercury vapor released during application or removal; can be inhaled by the patient, the doctor and the auxiliary personnel,as mercury is a non-biodegradable metal and which has adverse effects on living beings it can be dangerous.
  • The removal of amalgam fillings requires special precautions, thus creating a waste of time and cost.
  •  Amalgam is a non-eroding material, it can create cracks or chipping in the surrounding teeth.
  •  As the amalgam material hardens, some shrinkage occurs and due to this shrinkage a space forms between the tooth and the amalgam. Over time, secondary caries occurs in this cavity.

Should I have my amalgam filling removed?

We may recommend removal if you have multiple, very large fillings in your mouth.

because the amalgam can release particles of mercury when the amalgam is unpolished. But if you have a small amalgam and it is very shiny, polished, with smooth edges, there is no need to remove such amalgam. Your dentist will give you detailed information about the amalgam to be replaced following a dental examination.

composite filling

They are made of resin-based composite material. When in a pasty consistency, they are placed on the tooth and brought to a hard consistency with a halogen or LED light source. They are chemically bound to the tooth. It is difficult to distinguish the presence of a well-made composite filling because they are the color of the teeth.

What are the advantages of composite filling?

  • Be aesthetic
  • Applicable to all teeth, including anterior teeth
  • Conservative preparation of the carious cavity as it is chemically bound to the tooth
  • Does not cause allergic reactions

What are the disadvantages of composite filling?

  • They can cause temporary short-term sensitivity of some teeth.
  •  Intense consumption of tea, coffee, cigarettes can cause discoloration.

Amalgam filling or composite filling? Which should I choose?

As amalgam fillings contain mercury, they are said to be harmful to health and should all be replaced. Amalgam is made up of a combination of elements such as silver, tin, copper and zinc. As a result of this combination, the property of mercury changes. If you have a well-made amalgam filling that isn’t broken and has no bruising around it, it doesn’t need to be replaced. However, we recommend  composite fillings because they have many advantages. Today, many clinics do not apply amalgam fillings.

24 Apr, 2023

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